Tellerphone Instructions

Our automated tellerphone service provides up-to-date information regarding your accounts with us. To setup your account, use the following instructions:

  1. Dial 919.734.8224. Listen to the message and enter prompt “1” for the tellerphone. For the main menu of services, press “1” again.
  2.  You will be prompted to enter your account number followed by the # sign- this is the member number written on your membership card, NOT your full checking account number.
  3. Since this is your first time using the tellerphone, you will be prompted to choose a four digit access code followed by the # sign. This will be your “password” to access the tellerphone in the future, so choose something secure that you will remember.
  4. Lastly, you will be asked to verify the social security number of the primary account holder. Enter the social security number, then press #.
  5. The system will repeat your access code back to you at this time; to accept press “1,” or press “9” to enter a different access code.
  6. If you press “1” you are now signed up for our tellerphone service and will be returned to the main menu. Follow the prompts to access the information you need regarding your account.