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Back to School: Tips From The Staff

Back to School Season is here once again! As the end of summer approaches, Your NC Community Credit Union is here to help you do more with your money and avoid spending tons on new supplies and needs for the kids. As many parents know, Back to School Shopping can be a huge expense, especially without preparation and a few hours of coupon clipping. The average family is spending around $640 dollars on new supplies with prices increasing each year. To minimize the expense of back to school season, here are 4 tips from the NCCFCU Staff:

1. Wait For Open House Supply List.

Getting an early start on Back to School Shopping may seem like a good idea – Avoiding long lines, taking advantage of early sales and getting first dibs on supplies. It can also be a waste of money, if the official supply list doesn’t include any items purchased. Avoid the supply list promoted by Walmart and local stores and wait for the official list provided by your child’s teacher. Only purchasing supplies needed can be a huge money saver.

2. Catch It On Sale.

A good sale is everyone’s best friend, take advantage of year round sales to ease the financial crunch of back to school shopping. If there is an official supply list, try contacting your child’s school or teacher for the upcoming year to get a head start. Recycling old supplies until you can upgrade them with a sale is a good way avoid spending unnecessary money.

3. Save Time and Money With Online Shopping.

Online shopping is a good way to know what you’re spending ahead of time while avoiding the headache of long lines. Save money by taking advantage of buys that allow you to earn rebates and money back offers. If you’re a frequent user of Amazon Prime, their free two day shipping option will cut down the cost and time of receiving your purchased items.

4. Look Around For Community Supply Drives.

There are many organizations that are collecting supplies in the community for students going back to school. Look for local supply drives online, in your local newspaper or ask around. These events are usually free and looking for students in need of supplies.

Your NC Community Credit Union understands the expense of Back to School Shopping. Use these tip to help you Do More with Your Money on your next Back to School Shopping Trip.