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How to have fun in Goldsboro, NC while maintaining a budget!

There are numerous activities here in Goldsboro, NC that are fun for the whole family and don’t break the budget.  But how do you find them?  Well, listed below are several tips to help with that search.

First off, there are numerous local events happening all the time.  Many local shops have a bulletin board that allows people to post about these events.  There are also some publications that are free of charge that announce all the upcoming events in the area.  These events are typically free admission or low cost and are fun for the whole family.  With the revitalization of Center Street, there are numerous events taking place all the time.  During the summer months there are several events such as Center Street Jam, which are free admission, and provide a family friendly atmosphere.  Social media is also a wonderful tool to use to find these entertaining events to attend.

If you are an outdoors person, you would definitely enjoy the Cliffs of the Neuse State Park.  At the Cliffs, you have access to acres of land to walk or run, campgrounds for overnight adventures, swimming and fishing, and other fun activities at little to no cost to you.  A big event for them is during the holidays and their Christmas Boat lighting.  Several boats are decorated up for the Christmas season and go out onto the water for a festival of lights.  The Cliffs is a beautiful park that sits just outside Goldsboro.  If you love the outdoors, you will love the Cliffs.

The Parks and Recreation of Goldsboro offer numerous activities throughout the year for children, adults, and families.  Their website/social media page offers several activities throughout the year and are typically fairly inexpensive.  Activities range from daily events for children and teens, sports, parent/children outings, and many other fun activities.  The Parks and Rec department is a great resource for fun activities here in Goldsboro.

There are several more options available for fun activities in our beautiful little town.  The Wings Over Wayne air show happens every other year.  The annual Wayne County Fair happens every October.  Whatever you are feeling like doing, there is something for you here in Goldsboro, and it won’t break the bank!