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Keeping Your Money Safe – Checklist

When handling your money and banking information, here are a few things to keep in mind:

  • First, and foremost: Never, NEVER give your online banking credentials to anyone! Once you do that, that person can access your account and do everything you can do—including moving money OUT of your account.
  • If you receive notification (by phone, text, email, mail, etc.) that “YOU’VE WON!!” a contest that you have not entered, DO NOT respond. These scammers will want you to pay a “processing fee” to receive your prize. Often they request these funds to be in the form of iTunes or other gift cards.
  •  Anyone requesting you to make payment to them for anything via iTunes or other gift cards are suspicious.
  •  NEVER allow anyone remote access to your computer or phone. If you are contacted by a person saying that there is a problem with your device and that they will fix it for you if you allow them remote access—DO NOT allow it! Once you allow access to your device, the scammers have access to ALL of your information! (Please consider this for a moment—how did this person know there was a problem with your computer?? This is a very common scam.) If YOU notice problems with your computer, take it to a local, REPUTABLE company to have it repaired.
  •  If you receive a check in the mail that you were not expecting, it is most likely fraudulent. Contact Your Credit Union and we will verify it for you.
  • You may receive legitimate texts, calls, or emails from NCCFCU’s Fraud Center. Emails are sent from <> and texts will be from 96923.