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Wedding Planning on A Budget

Do you want to have a fun and memorable wedding, even on a low budget?

Who doesn’t? We all imagine our weddings to be full of great joy, celebration, and happiness, as we share with our family and friends the start of something new and exciting. Here are a few tips and tricks on how I achieved my dream wedding on a (very) low budget:

Consider a long engagement.

First of all, you must get engaged, as if that wasn’t obvious. My now husband and I chose to have a long engagement to insure we could save and plan the honeymoon and wedding of our dreams.

Start your planning by making lists, lots and lots of lists.

I got alot out of actually writing things down that I wanted and how much those things would cost (SPREADSHEET!) Make a guest list, a list of your potential bridesmaids and groomsmen, vendors in your area such as photographers, catering, wedding planners, hair & makeup.

Fake It.

In the planning process one thing that could help with costs is having fake flowers. We found that fake flowers in bulk are much cheaper and look just as beautiful if you know how to arrange them. I personally did all DIY décor by choosing decorations I could make myself.

Choosing a venue.

We also had the ceremony and reception at the same venue. Even though the venue flooded during a hurricane a week before our wedding we quickly came up with a backup plan to still have our ceremony and reception at the same place.

Scout for help.

Lucky for us all our family and friends pitched in and let us borrow or have decorations and things we could use for the wedding: my parents bought my dress (used is so much cheaper), his parents helped with the food. Wedding coordinating, hair and make up was done by my family members as our wedding gifts. It’s absolutely great to have these type of people in your circle! Don’t drown yourself in all the details, when you can delegate these to skillful and helpful friends and family.

If help isn’t available, consider hiring people to help out in exchange for something that you can do for them.

Just remember the amount of money you spend on your wedding is not a direct interpretation of how beautiful, elegant, and wonderful your dream wedding will be or how much you love your significant other. You can have a perfect, memorable day for far less than the average wedding by implementing some of these tips.