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Sweeten Your Summer with a HELOC

It’s finally summer – the season of sunshine, cookouts, and plenty of time spent outside. A HELOC from NC Community Credit Union can help you turn your home into the ultimate staycation paradise! Now is the perfect time to complete those home improvement projects you have been dreaming of – while also increasing the value of your home!

Let’s start with the basics. What’s a HELOC? A home equity line of credit, or HELOC, is a second mortgage that gives you access to cash based on the value of your home. (It can also be a primary mortgage if you own your home outright.) You borrow against your equity, which is the home’s value minus the amount you owe on the primary mortgage.

Here a few ideas of how you can use a HELOC to sweeten your summer!

Build a Deck or Patio
Make your home a cool place to hang out and entertain with the addition of a deck or patio. With a little wood, composite material, stone, or concrete, you can design a designated space for gatherings or relaxation.

This is an easy way to add value to your home and expand living space, especially if you go with an outdoor kitchen concept. You can even save on energy costs by eliminating all the heat of cooking inside that makes the AC work harder when you move the cooking outdoors.

Install a Pool
If you’ve got kids or just enjoy spending time with family and friends, installing an in- or above-ground pool provides a great centerpiece for recreation, relaxation, or even a staycation.

With the average in-ground pool costing around $30,000, this improvement isn’t cheap. But, it can be achieved with the help of a HELOC from NCCFCU. You’ll have a pool that can be enjoyed for years to come, and increase your home’s value when/if you sell.

Amp Up the Curb Appeal
Looking for a simpler way to turn your home into a summer paradise while adding value? Making improvements to your home’s curb appeal is a great place to start. For example, you can easily increase curb appeal with a home equity line of credit that can fund everything from a few new coats of paint to a completely new landscape.

Renovate the front porch with new outdoor furniture, upgrade the walkway, add some lighting, or put a fresh coat of paint on the facade. Maybe it’s time to re-sod the lawn or replace the dull driveway with something more decorative.

Visit Your Community Credit Union on Ash Street in Goldsboro, or click here to learn more and apply for a HELOC. Happy Summer!