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Financial tips, resources and guides that will improve your financial health and educate you on money saving, spending, borrowing, and investing from credit union experts.

What is a Credit Union and How Can it Benefit You?

Choosing Your NC Community Credit Union is the first step towards Doing More with your money. Our members enjoy the benefits of big bank services without having to pay those big bank fees. Understanding the difference between a credit union and bank is important when figuring out options for your money. So, what is a credit union and how does it benefit you? Here are some facts about our credit union and how we can help you Do More With Your Money. What is a Credit Union? Credit Unions are very similar to traditional banks. Both offer their customers financial

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On Credit

All About Credit Scores

On Money

Saving, Budgeting & Financial Tips

Yes, You Can Budget

It requires discipline. It requires hard work. It requires resilience. No, I’m not talking about the latest diet craze- although, ’tis the season for new

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On Loans

Mortgage, Auto and Business Loans

On Financial Success

Making Dreams Come True

Here’s the good news, Your NC Community Credit Union is NOT A BANK! Our members benefit from the best mortgage products and unmatched service, plain and simple.

Hear first-hand and get inspired about how some members transformed their business and became members for life.