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Establish a checking account at Your NC Community Credit UnionOften, a checking account is one of the first ties you have to a financial institution. Some start as early as 13, others may wait until their late teens or even longer to establish one. In some circles, there are millenials that believe in having no checking account at all.

However, we believe  securing a checking account is one of the first steps you take towards being financially independent and stable. Here’s a few reasons why we think so:

  1. Avoid Transaction Limitations- For starters, it provides you a safe place to house your earnings but still keeps them liquid enough that you can spend them. Regulation E (it’s a Federal regulation, look it up!) limits the number of automatic and/or electronic withdrawals to 6 during a statement period.  In-person withdrawals at a branch are not limited, but if you plan to use a savings account to pay bills, it could be problematic if you have to go to a branch and get cash for each one.
  2. Bank Now, Then Borrow- Having a checking account creates a financial track record for you. Let’s say to get ready to go out a buy a car. Unless you have money saved up, you are going to need a loan. The first logical place to start is the place you bank with (hopefully, with us at NC Community Credit Union!). Many young borrowers will not have a long track record of established credit and payment history. A loan underwriter may elect to see how you manage your checking account, if it is with us.  If you appear to be fiscally responsible (little to no overdraft fees, negative balances, etc.), that can add creedence to your loan application.
  3. It’s A “Hub” for your Funds- A checking account provides a central place to house your income, regardless of how you pay for things. Apple Pay and Paypal usage is on the rise, and guess what- your debit card will play nice with both of those payment gateways. A checking account lets you keep track of money coming in and money going out
  4. You Can Manage It Your Way- Love going to the credit union? Great, we love seeing you! But, if you don’t like to come to the branch every time you need a transaction completed, don’t worry- you don’t have to do so. We’ve got an app for that with the recently added mobile check deposit (take a picture of the check on your phone) PLUS we still have the traditional mobile-friendly and desktop version of Online Banking available. All of our online services are FREE to use, and you can save yourself $2.00 per month (and a tree or two) just by signing up for e-statements through your online banking.


What We Offer

#myCU Student Checking

Tailored just for teens and young adults 13-26, you’ll enjoy FREE checking with any direct deposit.  E-statements required. Ages 13-17 require a parent/guardian signer.

  • Only need $1.00 to open
  • One “uh-oh” ODP fee refund per year
  • Four FREE foreign ATM transactions per month
  • No minimum balance requirement
  • FREE check cashing and check writing
  • Overdraft Privilege available for ages 21+ with accounts in good standing
  • FREE Visa® debit card
  • FREE monthly savings transfer to help you save for your goals

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Welcome to Your Community Credit Union! We are a community based financial institution located in Goldsboro, NC. If you Live, Work, Worship or Attend School in Wayne County, North Carolina you are eligible for membership by opening a savings account with just $1!