Residential Mortgage Pre-Qualification Request

get pre-qualified for your conventional , va, FHA, USDA or Construction to permanent mortgage at Your NC Community Credit Union

Are you thinking about buying a home or re-financing your existing home but don’t know where to begin? A great first step is to start with determining what you can afford, an estimated amount that you may be able to borrow from the credit union and the type of mortgage product that would best fit your needs. At Your NC Community Credit Union, we can help you get prequalified to buy a home and secure a mortgage loan.

What Is “Getting Pre-Qualified?” for a Mortgage?

Your realtor will likely ask if you’ve been pre-qualified before they are able to show you available properties so that they make sure to show you homes that fit your needs and your budget. Before you start shopping, or decide to hire a real estate agent, let us pre-qualify you so we can help you answer the following questions:

  1. How Much Home Can I Afford? We’ll take a look at your current debts/obligations in relation to your income to figure out a safe, but reasonable dollar figure for you to use as a guide when you are shopping.
  2. Based on My Unique Financial Situation, Which Mortgage Type Makes Sense for Me (and my family)? Every family’s needs are different, as is their financial situation. We’ll not only review your credit, we’ll help you determine which mortgage type will best meet your needs in the short-term and long-term based on your plans for now and the future. FHA, USDA, VA or Conventional? We can help you weigh the pros and cons of each and make and informed decision.
  3. What Do the Numbers look like? There is something about putting a number to things that makes it real, so we’ll help you run several “what-if” scenarios to see how different loan types along with different down payment amounts and interest rates stack up.

If we feel confident in your ability to procure a mortgage through one of our programs, we will write a pre-qualification letter detailing how much home you are pre-qualified to buy. After you get a pre-qualification letter from us, you are ready to shop with a realtor or go ahead and make an offer quickly on the dream home you have had your eye on!

Get Started Online…Then Have a Conversation with our Mortgage Experts!

Complete the information below to the best of your knowledge- it should only take about 10 minutes! Don’t worry about figures for your assets (401ks, vehicle values, checking/savings balances) being exact— just get as close as you can for now. Once you submit it, a member of our Real Estate Team will contact you within one business day to discuss your options and set up a time to speak with you face to face when it’s convenient for you! We look forward to helping you Do More With Your Mortgage!

Questions? We Can Help!

In-Person | Stop by our Main Branch in person- at 2401 E. Ash Street in Goldsboro and ask for a mortgage loan officer.

Over the Phone |

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 Residential Mortgage Pre-Qualification Request

  • Borrower Information

  • Employment History

    (2-year history needed)
  • Co-Borrower Information

  • Co-Borrower Employment History

  • Assets

    Checking & Savings Accounts, 401k Plans, IRAs, Stock and Bond


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