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A Primary Savings Account Is The Basis For All Other Banking Relationships At NCCFCU

All other account relationships fall under the primary savings account. When you open a Primary Savings account with $1, you become a member-owner of Your Community Credit Union. As long as you maintain this balance, you are entitled to request other accounts and services.

Your Community Credit Union savings accounts are passbook-type accounts. Your primary account number is also called your ‘Member Number’ and is used to identify all your account relationships. Most other accounts carry this same number plus a 2-digit suffix. Each suffix carries a set of features and benefits.

I am a New Member

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I am an Existing Member

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Student Checking Benefits

Membership Eligibility

You must live, work, worship or attend school in Wayne County, North Carolina to be eligible to join and open accounts with Your NC Community Credit Union.

When opening an account in branch, bring the following:

Valid Driver's License

If your driver’s license DOES NOT list your current address, please bring a recent utility bill, cell phone bill, bank statement or lease agreement detailing your current address. Other acceptable primary documents include: U.S. or Foreign Passport, U.S. State Issued Identification, Military Identification, Permanent Registration Car and/or US Visa.


You are not required to have your Social Security Card when you come in to open an account. To open a checking account we will need to verify your name, date of birth, address, and Social Security Number.