Share Certificates

Thanks To Certificates, More Young People Are Going To College.

Young couples have the down payment on their first home, and retirees have a supplement to their other retirement benefits. Certificates are a great way to earn a higher interest rate on your savings deposits without tying up your assets for long periods of time.

Term Share Certificates are the credit union equivalent of a bank’s Certificate of Deposit, or CD. Like CDs, these certificates require you to invest funds for a specific period of time, while you earn higher interest in the account.

We Offer 6, 18, 36 or 60 Months Certificates

By saving a little from each paycheck, you will soon have enough to invest in a certificate. With as little as $500, you can start earning certificate rates. When a certificate matures, we automatically renew it for the same number of months unless the funds are withdrawn. Of course, you receive prior notice and have a grace period in which to change the terms. There is a substantial penalty for early withdrawal.

Membership Eligibility

You must live, work, worship or attend school in Wayne County, North Carolina or be an existing member to be eligible to open share certificates with us. If you are a new member, we will open your required Primary Savings (membership) account (you just need $1 to open this) when you come to open your certificate.

Open In Person

Visit a NCCFCU branch to open
your share certificate.

bring the following:

Valid Driver's License

Must list CURRENT address. If address IS NOT current, bring a recent bill, bank statement or lease agreement detailing current address.

Secondary Identification

Social Security card OR government issued document (tax return, w2, etc.) listing your full Social Security number.

Minimum Deposit

$500 minimum opening balance.

Current Deposit Rates

IRA/Tiered Share Certificates Rates

 <$100,000 Rate≥$100,000 Rate
6-17 Months.10%.10%.18%.18%
18-35 Months.25%.25%.30%.30%
36-59 Months.35%.35%.40%.40%
60 + Months.70%.70%.75%.75%
*APY is Annual Percentage Yield. Rates subject to change without notice.

Interested in IRAS?

Annual IRA contributions help you manage your taxable income and minimize the amount of tax you pay. Our member services team can assist you in opening your Traditional or Roth IRA.