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The Power of Pre-Approval

There are so many options- how do you know if you are getting a great deal? Getting pre-approved for your auto loan BEFORE you buy lets you know what loan interest rate and term for which you qualify. Having a pre-approval gives you bargaining power when shopping at a dealership. So, why NOT take the 5-minutes to apply online NOW for a low-rate auto loan with Your NC Community Credit Union!

Get Pre-Approved

Getting pre-approved for your vehicle purchase before you buy allows you to know what loan interest rate and term you qualify for. Having a pre-approval gives you bargaining power when shopping at a dealership.

If you are seeking to purchase a new or used vehicle or are considering a refinance of your current auto loan to achieve a lower interest rate and monthly payment, let us see if we can help save you money! At Your NC Community Credit Union, we provide the same competitive auto loans you find at a big bank combined with the personal service that can only be found at a local institution.


Ask about our auto loan discount for existing members!*


Check Your Vehicle’s Value

Most lenders, including our team at NC Community Credit Union, use NADA guides to determine the value of your vehicle and how much we are able to lend for it. We lend a percentage of a vehicle’s NADA Clean Retail value; the percentage of that value that we lend depends upon your creditworthiness, as well as the age of the vehicle. Use NADA to check your vehicle’s value now.

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The interest rate you pay greatly affects your overall cost for your vehicle, so don’t get stuck paying too much. We finance new and used vehicles as low as 3.89% APR*. To assign your rate, we look at things like your credit score, overall debt-to-income ratio, the loan-to-value of the vehicle you are purchasing and your employment history (longevity in a job OR same line of work for an extended period of time).

Model Years
Term Offered (Months)
Rates as low as (APR*)
New & Used, 2019-2021
48 3.89%
49-66 3.99%
72-75 4.09%
84 4.49%
Used, 2017-2018
48 4.19%
49-66 4.39%
72-75 4.59%
84 4.99%
48 4.59%
49-66 4.79%
48 5.49%
49-60 5.79%
36 6.49%
37 to 48 6.99%

*APR- Annual Percentage Rate

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*.25% (25 basis point) rate (APR) discount offered on a new auto loan for members with an existing checking or loan relationship with NC Community Credit Union. Must be an active member prior to consummation of the loan to have the discount applied. Final interest rate subject to standard underwriting guidelines.