Planning for the future should be a priority

IRA accounts give you ways to save for a variety of future needs; retirement, home purchase, medical emergencies and more. Annual IRA contributions also help you manage your taxable income and minimize the amount of tax you pay.

We can help you invest today

Once you have accumulated $500 or more, you can invest it in a certificate, ranging in terms from 6 to 60 months. Maximum annual contributions are set by the government and generally increase each year. Our member services team can assist you in opening your Regular or Roth IRA.

Roth IRA
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$25.00 Balance to Open
No Monthly Fee
.05% (APY*) Rate
.05% (APY*) Yield
Plus Dividends**

(*Annual Percentage Yield)
** Pays dividends monthly, calculated in daily balance

Traditional IRA
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Current Maximum Contributions

49 & Under
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50 or more (by the end of tax year)
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Membership Eligibility

You must live, work, worship attend school in Wayne County, North Carolina, or be an existing member to be eligible to open an IRA with us.

Open In Person

Visit an NCCFCU branch to open an IRA account.

Share Certificates Locations and Hours

Bring the following when you come to open your Traditional or Roth IRA:

Valid Driver's License
Must list CURRENT address.*
Minimum Deposit
$25 minimum opening deposit

*If your driver’s license does not list your current address, please bring a recent utility bill, cell phone bill, bank statement or lease agreement detailing your current address.