Enroll in Overdraft Privilege

Ever had a card “decline” due to insufficient funds?

It was probably an honest mistake, a miscalculation on your part — but now you’re stuck. Overdraft Privilege can help save you the embarrassment from having a debit card transaction declined and provide a little extra cushion in your checking or savings account if unforeseen expenses arise. Our checking and savings accounts come with Standard Overdraft Privileges that are provided for your account automatically, but you must opt-in.

This type of overdraft protection provide a safety net if you:

  1. Make a mistake balancing your account and came up short of funds.
  2. Incurred unplanned expenses that drained your account.
  3. Did not receive a deposit when you were expecting it and needs funds for basic necessities.

It can help you avoid:

Paying expensive returned item fees from a merchant if your payment method is declined.

What is the cost?

There is no additional cost to have overdraft protection added to your checking or savings account. Our standard overdraft fee of $35 per item will apply to each item that you pay that results in an overdraft of your account. We will do the same for automatic bill payments that you have set to draft from your account.

There are 4 ways to to opt-in to the overdraft privilege:

  1. Fill in the form below and click submit. You must have had your checking and/or savings account with us open for at least 30 days to qualify.
  2. Email your first and last name along with your member number to odp@nccfcu.org. Indicate that you are requesting overdraft privilege to be added to your account.
  3. Call 919.734.8224 and request to speak to someone about adding overdraft privilege to your account.
  4. Stop by one of our branches and speak to one of our Member Services Representatives.

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Opt-In for Overdraft Privilege Online:

*Click Here to read our Discretionary Overdraft Privilege Policy