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How Often Should You Monitor Your NCCFCU Checking Account?

How often should your monitor your checking account? This is a very important question that ultimately comes down to understanding the reason behind doing so. In our opinion, if you regularly use your NCCFCU debit card and pay loans through your checking account, we advice monitoring it every day.

However, other factors can influence this as well. Is your account funded well enough to handle a financial hiccup? Do you use your debit card at places where fraud could possibly occur? In our blog, we will explore the many reasons you should be monitoring your checking account. By the end, you can decide on the frequency that works best for you! By the way, it’s super easy with our mobile app!

Avoid Hidden Fees

We are living in an era of online subscriptions and free trials, which unfortunately can mean that hidden fees and new charges can sneak up on us. Monitoring your account frequently can help you catch charges from subscriptions that you may have forgotten to cancel. If you notice a subscription charge that you were not expecting, it is best to reach out to the merchant directly to resolve the matter.

Avoid Fraud

Monitoring your checking account frequently will help you be proactive about fraudulent activity. Today’s most significant area of fraud is called card-not-present fraud (CNP fraud). This situation occurs during online transactions; where you enter your card information. In these instances, your card information could become compromised by entering it into a malicious website. Keep in mind, no one knows more about your transaction history than you, so a simple check on your account can help you here. You could discover fraud early or find unusual activity quick.

Avoid Over Drafting Your Account

If you regularly use your debit card and have a limited budget, we suggest checking your account at least every morning. This will keep you knowledgeable about how much you have in your account, and will keep you aware of any payments that have come out of your account that you may have forgotten about. If you notice that you need to fund your account more, you will be aware before you overdraft.

The good news is, monitoring your checking account is super simple with NC Community Credit Union’s mobile app! Not only can you monitor your funds and last transactions, you can also deactivate or report a lost card! You can set alerts for transactions, balances, and deposits. Our app also has a “Send Us A Message” feature that allows you to chat with one of our member service team members.

If you need help setting up your online/mobile banking app, or have any questions, give us a call or stop by our main branch on Ash Street! You can also visit the link here to learn more about online/mobile banking.