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Debit Card Safety 101

With the holidays coming to a closing, Your NC Community Credit Union is here to provide you with some tips and notes on debit card safety. Here are some things to keep in mind to avoid mishaps with your NCCFCU Debit Card:

Your NCCFCU Debit Card will not work for websites outside of the United States.

This does not mean that the website is suspect, only that the process of your information getting outside of the country could put it at risk. Consider using pre-paid cards for purchases from foreign websites.

Read all the conditions on “Free Trial Offers” , including any “fine print”.

When using your Debit Card to pay shipping on “Free Trial Offers” make sure to read all the conditions (including any “fine print”). Often the first 30-day supply is indeed free, except for the cost of shipping. However…..unless you cancel, you will often automatically start receiving larger, more expensive shipments at regular intervals. You will often be charged full price PLUS shipping and handling for those future shipments.

Paying at the Pump

“Paying at the Pump” is very convenient! But there are some things to consider. Devices known as “skimmers” can easily be installed in the card readers. Today’s skimmers are usually placed inside the pump and are almost impossible to detect. Once your information, including your PIN, has been captured by the skimmer, it is used by fraudsters to clone your card and use it. Things to think about next time your at the pump: 

  • Try to use the pump closest to the entrance door as they are less likely to be a target for skimmers.
  • If you chose to pay at the pump, considering using a refillable gas card. You can use your NCCFCU Debit Card to reload the gas card as needed.
  • The safest option is to pay for gas inside.
  • If you chose to pay at the pump outside of North Carolina, you must use your PIN or the purchase will not authorize.


When using ATMs be watchful for anything about the ATM that looks odd, or looks like it may have been tampered with.

Transaction Alerts

Sign up for transaction alerts, with on-line banking, to monitor for unauthorized transactions.

Monitor Your Account Daily

Review your accounts daily and report any discrepancies immediately.

For more information on Debit Card Safety visit or scroll through our Common Cents Blog!

Written by D. Foster