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Mastering College Finances with NCCFCU

Funding higher education is a significant investment that often involves complex financial decisions. With applications for federal student aid opening on October 1st, NC Community Credit Union is here to support families in getting the most from the financial aid process.

If you or someone in your family is starting college next year, our single best resource is our Paying for College Course. In about 30 minutes, the course dispels common myths about financial aid, explains the types of aid that are available, and shows you how the process works step by step. Just create an account at the link below!

To get started, click HERE!

And if college is still a few years in the future, our College Explorer tool offers real-time data on thousands of colleges and universities across the country. Learn what families actually pay based on household income, admissions requirements, popular major and starting salaries, plus much more.

Visit our Financial Wellness Center to get started with the College Explorer!

Get a head start on planning your college finances with Your Community Credit Union.