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Ways to Save on Your Next Family Vacation

With travel costs continuing an upward rise, it is getting more difficult to plan a family vacation without breaking the bank. But there are still numerous ways that you can save money while having a wonderful time. Here are some money saving tips to use next time you are planning a family vacation on a budget:

The main point to stress is to plan ahead. Impromptu trips are exciting and fun, but typically cost you more due to lack of research and time. If you are a family that does a big trip each year, set aside money in a special account just for that trip. Many financial institutions offer special purpose accounts just for these reasons. Also, if you know where you want to go, the further out your can purchase items, the lower the costs are typically. You also don’t run into the risk of not finding a place to stay or cheaper travel. You can also use social media to get suggestions from other people who have been or live in the area. Planning ahead will give you the best chance at the lowest rates and most bang for your dollar.

Another wonderful asset to use is websites that offer discounts on anything from flights, hotels, rental cars, food, etc. A lot of websites will even offer a larger discount the more things you bundle together. Don’t settle with one website though. Look around and find the best offer for your family. Sites like Expedia, Airbnb,, and many more offer great discounts for travel and hotels. Groupon is a great resource to use to look for group packages at a discounted rate. A lot of their trips include round trip air fare among other great offers. Look around before settling on one to make sure you are getting the best rates. And don’t forget to look at “free” offers. A lot of places offer free children’s meals or kids stay free. Free is always wonderful!

These are just a couple of tips that hopefully will help you have a wonderful family vacation at an affordable price!