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Tech Talk: Mint by Intuit

Summertime is to an end, and if you are anything like me, you are trying to recoup from your summer plans. With all the extra adulting brings, keeping your money in check is a priority, avoiding a forest fire in your checking account. Luckily, I have stumbled on an app for all your millennial babies on the go. For all the moms and dads that are fortunately tech savvy, this one’s for you too, go ahead and pat yourself on the back. I want to introduce to you Mint by Intuit.

For some of you, the name Intuit may sound familiar. If you have filed your taxes with TurboTax on their online platform, you have used an Intuit application. Intuit also offers QuickBooks solutions for small businesses and tax solutions for professionals. Mint is an application Inuit offers to individuals looking to keep track of their money in one place.

What’s so special about Mint?

If you have multiple checking accounts, several bills, and financial obligations you need to keep track of, Mint allows you to see all your financial information on a single dashboard. For most us the set it and forget it method (keeping your bills and payments on autopay) is extremely helpful and works like a charm. If autopay isn’t available for you, or you only have a limited amount of direct deposits at your workplace, Mint can be a top of mind solution or reminder for your payments.

If you have an unconventional way of making money and do not have the luxury of an autopay option, Mint can also be a great solution. The app allows for push notifications and a syncing option for your calendar on your mobile device. Keep track of when bills are due and avoid late payments due to untimely paydays.    

The Mint Dashboard:

The Mint dashboard is a great tool to keep your spending and saving goals in check. With an overhead bar that reminds you of all accounts total, it is a great motivator to pay down your debts or rethink how you’re spending your earnings. Mint allows you to add in every single checking account, loans you owe on, and investment accounts, so you can get a realistic glimpse of your current financial state. Mint also keeps track of all your transactions, how much interest you’ve paid that month, and allows you to set a monthly budget. 

My favorite feature of the Mint app is the budgeting tool. Mint allows you to set up a budget according to your lifestyle. If you spend monthly on gas, groceries, going out to eat and clothing, you can set specific amounts you want to spend on each. Since Mint keeps track of all your transactions, it will let you know when your budget on gas or clothing is tapped out and how much you have left for your going out to eat budget. The app also calculates your monthly cash flow, how much you’ve earned versus how much you’ve spent.

Mint also has a reward and investment panel that calculates what you could have earned in cash back, air miles, reward points, and interest, with the right credit card and investment accounts. Boost your credit score with tips and real-time credit card usage that will aid you in keeping your spending under control.

Give Us Your Feedback 

Give the Mint app a try, before you put your summer plans into action. Lets us know what you like about it and what you didn’t. The app is free and completely safe to use, using top-notch security software to keep all your information safe. With the Mint app, there are no more excuses for late payments or overspending this summer. 

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